• Kiln Dried Oak Firewood (Price varies with quantity)

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    1/15/24 - We are currently running 3-5 days out on deliveries.  Our site will send you an email once you place your order confirming we have received it.  We will send a 2nd email 1-2 days before we deliver letting you know when we'll drop it off.

    The phone currently listed on our contact page is incorrect. Unfortunately due to a glitch in the platform this site is hosted on we are unable to change it. Our new number is (913) 284-1973.

    If you are looking for unbelievably dry wood that is ready to burn this winter and put off a tremendous amount of heat, we highly recommend our kiln dried oak.  It is the same oak we normally sell, but has been run through a USDA certified kiln at 240 degrees for 48 hours to dry out the wood to a moisture content of 20% or less.  "Baking" the wood removes over 60+ gallons of water per cord and kills any bugs or disease that may be present in the wood (typically neither are an issue with the oak we sell, but it's always nice to have peace of mind!).  This wood burns hot, lights easily, and is safe to store inside.  You simply will not find any drier, cleaner or evenly cut wood anywhere in town; we guarantee it! 

    Our base pricing for each quantity of wood includes pickup from our lot in Olathe, KS.  Please choose from the appropriate drop down option for quantity and delivery / pick up options.  Our driveway dump option includes the placement of your order on your driveway anywhere we can access safely with one of our delivery trucks. 

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