Pinon Pine Firewood (Click for pricing)


Looking for the ultimate wood for outdoor burning?  Pinon Pine is a slow burning pine that puts off a sweet pine smell and does a great job of keeping bugs, including mosquitos, away.  Our Pinon wood is shipped in from NM and is substantially harvested through wildfire prevention programs in both NM and CO.  Our pinon is cut at a length of 18-20" and split into firewood size pieces.   

Our base pricing for each quantity of wood includes pickup from our lot in Olathe, KS.  Please choose from the appropriate drop down option for quantity, delivery, and stacking options.  Our driveway dump option includes the placement of your order on your driveway where we can access safely with one of our delivery trucks.  Our stacking service includes the placement of wood on your driveway, rack, garage, patio, backyard, etc. via a wheelbarrow or our truck mounted forklift.  We will not traverse steps as a part of our stacking service. 

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