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    As of 10/20/20 we are out of mixed hardwood that had been seasoning over the summer.  Going forward we are processing all mixed hardwood orders out of 3-4 year old logs.  You will notice a higher moisture content level in this wood and it may be necessary to let the wood dry an additional couple weeks after delivery to burn properly.  As of 1/6/21 delivery times are running approximately 3-5 days for dumped orders and 5-7 days for orders requiring stacking.

    If you are in need of bone dry wood that's ready to burn tonight, please check out our Kiln Dried Oak firewood.

    The varieties of wood in our Mixed Hardwoods product can vary from load to load.  However, any load may include ash, walnut, hack berry, pear, locust, maple, and/or elm.  We will not create a customized mixture for your specific order.  We do not include any hedge with mixed Hardwoods and as a rule there is very minimal oak, hickory, cherry or pecan.

    Our base pricing for each quantity of wood includes pickup from our lot in Olathe, KS.  Please choose from the appropriate drop down option for quantity, delivery, and stacking options.  Our driveway dump option includes the placement of your order on your driveway where we can access safely with one of our delivery trucks.  Our stacking service includes the placement of wood in your driveway, rack, garage, patio, backyard, etc. via a wheelbarrow or our truck mounted forklift.  We will not traverse steps as a part of our stacking service. 

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