Mulch / Topsoil Installation

We offer mulch and topsoil installation services for our residential and commercial customers.  If you would like your mulch or topsoil order installed, simply choose "Yes" to the "Would you like us to install your order?" question on the product page.  Clicking yes will automatically add the appropriate per cubic yard installation charge to your order.  Due to the heavy volume of delivery requests for Fridays and Saturdays, we typically perform installation work on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  Once your order is received we will contact you with a proposed date for the work to be completed.      

Firewood Stacking

In addition to installation being available for mulch and topsoil, we also offer stacking services for our firewood products.  These services include placing the wood in a wheelbarrow and stacking the wood on the ground, patio, or rack, in your location of choice.  There is no step limit associated with this service, however we will NOT traverse steps and need to be able to get our wheelbarrows directly next to where the wood is being stacked.